Interested in being a speaker at our 2023 Event?

Interested in being a speaker at our 2023 Event?

Interested in being a speaker at our 2023 Event?

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Meet the Speakers

2023 Speaker To Be Announced
See Previous Speakers Below

2023 Speaker To Be Announced
See Previous Speakers Below

Ms. Renee Bauer

Host & Main Stage Speaker

As a divorce attorney, Renee has spent her career helping others make it out the other side of divorce. But at the root of it all, she knows that your belief in your self-worth is where the magic lies. She's the host of the Happy Even After Podcast, author, speaker and founding member of a tech start-up and she is so pumped up to celebrate this inaugural event with YOU!

Colin Sheehan


Colin Sheehan (Emcee) was born in NYC and raised in Branford where he performed many times on this very stage. He continued his education at Wagner College where he obtained his BA in Theatre & Speech Performance. He then went on to work in the LGBTQ+ travel industry (R Family Vacations, Nickelodeon Cruise, The Broadway Cruise), television (The Rosie O'Donnell Showw / Wendy Williams Show) & Seaview Productions. Colin is a local arts enthusiast & currently serves as the Arts, Culture & Special Events Coordinator for the Town of Branford, Artistic Coordinator & Director of Public Relations at Legacy Theatre and is the Co-Founder & Co-Artistic Director of Branford Parks & Recreation Shoreline Theatre Company. Colin has produced, directed, hosted & performed all over the world, on Broadway, TV & on many cruises and at resorts. Colin is a philanthropist & has helped raise funds/awareness for many organizations in Branford and beyond. He is a proud Branford Community Foundation Board Member and Godfather/Uncle to Claire. For more information, visit ColinSheehanEvents.com

Stephanie Rivkin

DJ & Sponsor

Stephanie brings fire to the stage as our DJ. She's an entrepreneur and cheerleader of women and her energy is electric! She shares her beats and her vibes with us today as our DJ and event sponsor. 

Erin Hatzikostas

Main Stage Speaker

Erin is a former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer. She is considered an Authenticity Aficionado and is the best-selling author of You Do You(ish), a TEDx speaker, coach-sultant, and the co-host of the podcast, b Cause Work Doesn’t Have to Suck. Erin hurls aside the shoulder-pad-wearing career advice you're sick of hearing and will inspire crazy fun-tactical action to help you have success, without selling out!

Jackie Brubaker

Main Stage Speaker

 Jackie is an accomplished producer, podcast host, author, musical theater performer and two-time Emmy Award winner. Her popular home improvement and cooking YouTube series Reluctant Housewife has over 250k views. Her podcast has amassed over 100,000 downloads in less than a year of launch. Jackie has a surprise for us at the event! 

Ashley Gordon

Main Stage Speaker

Ashley aka The Quantum Coach joins us with her Big Coach Energy. She founded the Badass Manifestor Brand and Podcast. She is Certified Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner. She has dominated the digital space with her high vibing leadership where she shows up to speak her truth and change lives. Her energy is magnetic!

Patrina Dixon

Breakout Session: It’$ Your Money

Patrina is a Personal Finance Expert, International Speaker and an Award-Winning Author of the top-selling financial journal book series, “It’$ My Money™”. Patrina is shaping the spending and saving behaviors of her clients with a goal of guiding them toward financial independence. Patrina shares financial content as a blogger and through her podcast, The Money Exchange.

Stephanie LaBonte

Breakout Session: Own Yourself, Own Your Life and Panel

Stephanie is a professional educator, angel healer, and owner of Breath of Heaven Studio. She founded  Empowered Girls Rise to nurture self-respect, confidence, and purpose in girls ages 13-25 through mentorship and community. Stephanie's vibes are undeniably off the charts and she joins us as a workshop leader and panelist.

Jess Watcke

Breakout Session: Know your Enneagram

Jess is full of personality! Well, we all are but do you know yours? 
She brings her knowledge of personality type identification and Enneagrams to our Summit.
She is a corporate event planner that thrives in the virtual work environment. When not planning pharmaceutical meetings, she can be found at her local Crossfit box, coaching diving at Wesleyan University, or snuggling her two cats.

Alyssa Nastasia

Breakout Session: Finding Food Freedom 

After years of beating up her body through diet & exercise, Alyssa knew there had to be a better way. She ditched the diet cycle & instead began learning what foods worked best for her body.
Now she teaches women to OWN their strength by learning how to confidently lift weights & achieve lasting results without BS diets.

Deb Lauren

Breakout Session: Retrain Your Brain

Deb Lauren is an experienced Mindset Coach helping holistic Entrepreneurs expand their gifts and design thriving, sustainable businesses on their terms. She is well-known for her ability to turn proven neuroscience into practical tools for building awareness, bandwidth and resilience. As a mom of two boys, survivor of divorce and depression, and someone who started her business as a single mom, Deb understands how unmanaged stress can make or break your approach and response to life's ups and downs. It is her mission to help others tune into their own compass and, ultimately, be their own guru!

T.H. Irwin

Break Out Session: Divorce etc…with the exEXPERTS (T.H. & Jessica)

T.H. earned her MBA in Marketing and over the course of her marketing career she pivoted and discovered her talent for creating community-driven media events. In her role as mom of three and Director of Experiential Events for USA Today, she scaled her original, hyper-local events to a national level, think Food Truck Mash-Ups!

In 2020, she and her best friend founded exEXPERTS, a free, online resource to help women of all ages navigate their divorce. They had each other during their divorces, but most people don’t have anyone, so we built this community to support people through and after their divorces. We’ve lived it, so we get it! Now T.H. has focused on being present and living her best life!

Jessica Klingbaum

Break Out Session: Divorce etc…with the exEXPERTS (T.H. & Jessica)

Jessica Klingbaum is an Emmy-nominated former TV producer for national networks, including CBS News, FOX, and CNBC. She co-founded exEXPERTS in 2020, the premiere online digital platform for anyone and everyone touched by divorce.

 Jessica is an eternal optimist who always sees the glass half full.


Megan McGrath

Panel: Balancing It All

Megan is a divorce attorney at Happy Even After Family Law. She has a husband, 2 children, a dog, and a crazy schedule. She joins us to talk about balancing it all - work, family, and being a mom....while not losing herself.

Irma Reyes

Panel: Balancing It All

Irma serves as the Director of Human Resources for ENEUCC. She is author of Latinas Rising Up in HR. She is most proud of her work implementing programs for leadership and development in the workplace. She is a mother to two children and talks to us about balancing it all. 

Ashley Langer

Panel: Balancing It All

Ashley is a natural born connector and extrovert with over 10 years of experience planning marketing and networking events.
As the founder of Business Socialistas, Ashley works to build a community of female entrepreneurs where women can connect, support one another, find resources and grow their business.
When not on the gram or event planning, Ashley spends time with her two daughters and husband.